Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Housemate

I have rent a house at Taman Bachang. Here, I stay with seven other housemate Yuhanis, Salsabila, Ros, Dayah, Hana, Afidah and Aimi.. They are all nice to me and help me a lot. (picture from left: Dayah, me, Ros, Salsa, and Anis)

The house have three rooms. I stay with Yuhanis and Hana at the front room, Fida and Aimi at the middle room while Ros, Dayah and Salsabila at the back room. The middle room are smaller than the other rooms, that's why there are only two person in that room.

My housemate takes various courses. Afidah, Yuhanis, Hana, Dayah, and Salsabila are taking International Business, Ros is taking Finance, and Aimi is taking Human Resources. Me myself are taking Administrative science. Even though i am the only one who take the course in the house, i will try my best to adapt with the situation and find the best way to study and achieve the good result..InsyaALLAH...